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1030 Spillway Cir, Brandon, MS 39047, USA

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    Olivia M
    August 14, 2022

    Wasn't the most sanitary experience. The gentleman doing my nails kept using his fingernail to remove the dip power from my skin. They also dip everyone's nails directly into the dip power container. The final product looks fine, but I would not go back.

    Felicia S.
    September 16, 2022

    I started going here because some colleagues spoke so highly of it. I noticed the first time that there was a difference in how you were treated based on your color. I guess that explains why my friends were treated much better. They all went together and they stated that they got the royal treatment. However, when I went, that wasn’t the case. On today, this may have been my third time going and the last. The second time I was there, I was traded off three times when a few Caucasian ladies walked in which must have been regulars. They rushed and called someone else to finish me. I literally sat there and watched how black patrons were treated differently from white patrons. They were so much more friendly to the race that wasn’t of my color. They didn’t even much say hello to me as I walked in. It was just… how can I help you. Another lady of my color walk in got the same treatment. Others get… hello, how are you on today with smiles and laughter. I am tired of businesses feeling as though you can treat people any kind of way. I can’t do anything about the color of my skin. Neither should I be treated in a way that’s not fair because of it. Today was the worse experience I’ve ever encountered. I went in to get a pedicure and the lady can’t speak much English; she nodded therefore, I assumed that she understood what I said but obviously, she didn’t. I come here because one of the ladies do really great work. However l, that’s not the one I got on today. The lady I had on today, English isn’t the best. I asked her to cut one of my big toe nails down because she had left one much longer than the other. After she cut it down…it was much thicker at this point because it was a tip. It’s wasn’t my fault that she didn’t properly look at them to make sure they were equal in length. I later walked out to my car and realized that the polish had stuck with the next toe. I went back in to ask if she could paint the side. This is when the short, older, rude and obnoxious guy start yelling at me as though I’m a child, stating to me, “no…you can come back tomorrow.” I looked at him appalled at the fact that he tells me to come back another day when all I needed was for the polish to be touched up. I never said a thing. I just looked at him with a disgusted look because I couldn’t believe that you would treat a customer this way when they’re only wanting a touch up on one toe nail. Then he later starts to say, “don’t come back here anymore, nobody will do your nails here again. At this point, I’m totally humiliated at the fact this man yells out at me in front of everyone as though I’m a child. This place will never get my business again. I do understand that some black people may have gotten out of character, I guess this was what he was expecting me to do. I am a highly educated individual that don’t choose to be confrontational. This man almost got me out of character on today. I got a pathetic pedicure on today but I still left over a 20% tip for my services. The lady didn’t have the common courteous to say thank you. To be treated this way is absolutely absurd for any business. I guess you have to be white or a regular customer to get exceptional service here. Maybe you would have more regular customers if you learn to have better customer service skills.

    Laura F.
    February 20, 2020

    I really appreciate my nail tech's attention to detail... but I have never spent 3.5 hours in a nail salon for just a gel manicure. I must admit thats a little off-putting. They are also quite pricey. My nails were $46 dollars... no wax, no massage, no special treatments... just a soak off, gel manicure and designs on 2 fingers. So there's that. The people here are nice....they do a good job... and it's a clean and comfortable place. just expensive and takes a while.

    Jasmine Lynch
    July 23, 2022

    My husband and I were visiting MS for a wedding. We were pressed for time and I didn't have a chance to get a pedicure in GA. So, we went here. It was slow when we arrived but got busier as we sat down. The tech rushed, did a half pedicure on my heels and did not do a good job with the polished. I decided not to complain and NEVER return. Don't waste your money here

    Carina Lindsey
    July 21, 2022

    Just go somewhere else. The prices are up charged for subpar service. I’ve tried several technicians at this place and the type of service you get varies with each person. Almost every visit is unsatisfactory from being cut and bleeding from poor techniques used, to not getting a proper pedicure and Each time I’m charged something different. Update one year later: tried them again today for the first time in one year and I was disappointed again. VERY inflated prices For very basic service. They charge double for every service , but the work performed does not match the charges. Today was my last visit. ZERO stars.

    Deluxe Spa & Nails

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    1030 Spillway Cir, Brandon, MS 39047, USA

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